Brief History
Scott Allen Millard
A brief background on me:

I was born at Luke AFB in Glendale, AZ. I spent my first five years in the Valley of the Sun. In 1991, my father got orders to Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK. My family and I spent the next four years in the beautiful and majestic Alaska. I began going to school in Alaska and was there through 3rd grade. From there we moved to McClellan AFB in Antelope, CA. I spent three years here moving just before the start of 7th grade. I spent 7th grade at Edwards AFB in Lancaster, CA. This is where I spent the least amount of time as we moved in less than a year. The next move was one of the most important and influential change of my life

We proceeded on to RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, United Kingdom. This is where I consider my "growing-up" happened. I was in the UK for five years, which included 8th grade through high school graduation. I went to high school at Lakenheath American High School where I received my diploma on June 4th, 2004. My graduation was held in a 14th Century Cathedral, Ely Cathedral. I had the privileged of seeing a lot of Europe while I lived abroad as well as had some of the best experiences of my life there.

Upon high school graduation, it was straight to college for me. I accepted my offer to attend Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. I moved from the UK to Arizona in July 2004 and I have resided in the Valley of the Sun until December 2013. After a short layover in Orlando, FL (Dec. 2013 - Sept 2014), I have returned to my beloved home the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Now, you have a bit of general background of my growing up. In the coming pages you will find my education and work experiences.

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